League of Angels: Pact
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League of Angels: Pact
Each player gets 1 lucky draw per day. The chance will be reset every day at 12 a.m. (EDT). Participate for 5 days to receive a valuable gift code (including Advanced Summon Orb x10 and more).
My Rewards How to Redeem
League of Angels: Pact
Showcase your creativity through short videos for a chance to win the grand prize!
New Angel
Daily Log-in Treat: Enjoy a daily Diamond Chest for free! Date: 5/25-5/31
Ember Puzzle & Quests & Boss Drops
Exchange Shop: Defeat bosses to collect fireworks, and exchange themfor rare items like Advanced Redemption, Advanced Red Moon, andOmnipotent Angel Shards.
League of Angels: Pact
Angel Tuber
League of Angels: Pact
League of Angels: Pact
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League of Angels: Pact Brasil is on Google Play!
Gift Code: LOAPMBR (Brazil version only, game available on 5/27)
Use the code to start your new journey!
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League of Angels: Pact