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A massively multiplayer online role-playing
game series set in the world of Evil Awakening.
The latest action-idle MMORPG
in the League of Angels Series.
GHG Points are available now, earn and redeem them for gift codes!
  • 1 USD recharged
  • 100 Points
  • 1 GHG Coins spent
  • 2 Points
  • Daily CHECK-IN
  • 100 Points
  • 300 Points
  • 1000 Points
  • 1500 Points
  • 3200 Points
Time: 10/27/2022-11/02/2022
Use GHG points to redeem Halloween gift codes in the Gift Pack Shop!
PACK 1: FREE! Consume 0 points to get
PACK 2: Consume 4000 points to get
Time: 10/27/2022-11/02/2022
Accumulate recharge to receive the Halloween gift pack.
1) Recharge $5 in total to get a $5 PACK
2) Recharge $50 in total to get a $15 PACK
3) Recharge $500 in total to get a $115 PACK
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Click on SUPPORT to contact customer service and provide a screenshot of your recharges.
Time: 10/25/2022-11/01/2022
Participate in the Forum topic event #Halloween Gift Code Event# and win the daily lucky draws.
1) For each draw, one lucky player will be selected for each game.
2) There will be a total of 10 draws:October 25-30 (once a day), Halloween (twice), All Saints' Day (twice).
3) Only one game can be selected for each reply. The winners will receive the code via the forum PM.
1.For the above 3 events,the participating games include Dragon Awaken GHG (H5),
Dragon Awaken DE (H5),Dragon Awaken PT (H5),Emblem Heroes,Eternal Fury,Eternal
Fury EU,Eternal Fury PL,Omega Zodiac,Scarlet Fate,Survivor Legacy, World of Rune,
Evil Awakening,Evil Awakening II Erebus.
2.Please submit a ticket to our customer service should there be any problems:
3.Game Hollywood reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules of the event.