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Digital Hollywood Interactive Limited (“Digital Hollywood”) is a leading global online game publisher for China-based game developers, with fast-growing in-house development capabilities for mobile games. We are the largest web game publisher in terms of revenue generated from publishing web games developed by China-based game developers in the international markets in 2016, according to the Analysis Report. In recent years, we strategically expanded our business focuses to develop and launch mobile games by enhancing in-house development capabilities to capture the market opportunity from the fast-growing smartphone users, and our mobile games immediately achieved considerable success in a number of regional markets.

We offer compelling value proposition to game developers by helping them penetrate the international markets with one-stop solutions, including game redesign, optimization, marketing, distribution, monetization, payment support and other user-related services.

We offer a diverse selection of games consisting primarily of casual games and mid-and hardcore games in both web and mobile formats to a demographically diverse user community.

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