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1. Exclusive VIP Avatar&Frame
2. Birthday Gift
3. Level Pack

Exclusive Avatar&Frame
Well-designed avatars and frames for VIPs only.

Birthday Gift
1. We will make your birthday even more special with an exclusive Birthday Gift.
2. By filling in the birthday information on the profile page, youll be able to claim a birthday gift code per year .
3. Only 1 Birthday Gift will be available per year.
How to claim
1. Follow the pop-up displayed during the month of your birthday.
2. Click on the "Cake" icon on the "My Profile" page.

Level Pack
1. Tons of VIP welcome gift packs!
2. Exclusive VIP in-game title and costumes inside! (Items may vary based on the game.)
How to claim
The member can claim VIP Level Gift Packs as welcome gifts on the Gift Pack Center page.
View the Gift Pack Shop


1. VIP1 Privileges
2. Seasonal/Thematic Events
3. Prioritized Ticket Handling

VIP1 Privileges
VIP1 is only the start, and becoming a VIP2 will give you even more privileges and rewards, plus what you already own in VIP1!

Seasonal/Thematic Events
Exclusive thematic events are dedicated to all our VIP2s! Some other events will be held for all VIPs to obtain exclusive rewards from selected games.

Prioritized Ticket Handling
All VIPs deserve a prioritized service! Tickets submitted by a VIP will be handled faster. We are here for you anytime.


1. VIP2 Privileges
2. Monthly Pack

VIP2 Privileges
All VIP1 and VIP2 privileges are inherited to Gold VIP with added bonuses! Find out what Gold VIP privileges can give you!

Monthly Pack
We are with you every step of your gaming adventure!
From VIP3 and above, you can claim your Monthly Pack for 2 different games.


1. VIP3 Privileges
2. Tailor-Made VIP Events
3. Upgraded Gift Packs
4. Discovery Bonus

VIP3 Privileges
Becoming a VIP3 is not an easy feat, but advancing to a VIP4 is an even greater achievement! To suit your status, ALL the previous privileges are inherited with added bonuses! Find out whats in VIP4 privileges!

Tailor-Made VIP Events
Unique events for VIP4s!
Contact the VIP Representative for tailor-made events.

Upgraded Gift Packs
As a prestigious customer and player of Game Hollywood Games, VIP4s are not only a game-changer but also a true fan! We upgraded Monthly Packs and deluxe Birthday Gifts, ONLY FOR YOU!

Discovery Bonus
Contact the VIP Representative for more information!


What is GHG VIP?
GHG VIP is a new system for gaining experience through every recharge. It includes four levels: VIP1, VIP2, VIP3 and VIP4. Each level has different rewards and exclusive services. You can find more information on the GHG VIP page.

Can I become a VIP3 or VIP4 directly? Or do I need to be promoted level by level?
The recharge amount from January 1st, 2017 to the present time can be converted into VIP EXP. As long as your EXP reaches the requirements, you can become the corresponding VIP level directly and enjoy the corresponding privileges.

Will VIP4 privileges include the lower levels privileges?
Yes, higher-level privileges include all privileges from the lower levels.

How can I upgrade my VIP level?
VIP1 requires 200 VIP EXP, VIP2 requires 500, VIP3 requires 2000, and VIP4 requires 5000.

How to obtain VIP EXP?
1 VIP EXP =1 U.S. dollar or equivalent currency (calculated based on the original price). Obtain 200 VIP EXP to become an GHG VIP member. EXP will be calculated from 0:00 GMT+8 on January 1st, 2017.

Will VIP EXP be cleared at some point?
No, VIP EXP wont expire and won’t be cleared.

Where can I recharge to obtain VIP EXP?
All money spent on Game Hollywood Games (calculated based on the original price) will contribute towards your VIP EXP.

Can I only get gift packs for games that I have recharged in? Or can I get the gift packs of games that I havent recharged before?
You can get gift packs for any game in the Gift Pack Shop - even if you have never recharged on that game before.

Will all games have GHG VIP packs?
Not all games have gift packs. Check which ones have them in the Gift Pack Shop.

How to redeem the code after receiving it?
After receiving the code, you need to redeem it in the game. Please contact customer service or our community GMs in our Discord server.