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Game Hollywood Games launches two anime games —— Knights of Fantasy 2: Scarlet Fate and MiliGirls Fantasy
Release time: 2021-12-01
Knights of Fantasy 2: Scarlet Fate and MiliGirls Fantasy will be available on Game Hollywood Games on November 30th 2021. The former is the sequel to the 2D idle role-playing game Knights of Fantasy, while the latter is a moe anthropomorphic shoot'em up game. Both games are available on browsers for PC and mobile, don’t require download and are free to play.

As a sequel to Knights of Fantasy, Scarlet Fate adds a number of new characters with different skills, providing players with more teaming options and increasing the fun of combat.
The game is easy to play and has stunning special effects for every sword swing and skill release, making the combat more intense with excellent graphics.

As well as defending your homeland in battle, Scarlet Fate also includes a number of ingenious little touches. For example, players can manage a coffee bar and use various ingredients to create different drinks. If you want to rejuvenate your character after a thrilling battle, you might just need to prepare a special drink.

MiliGirls Fantasy is also an animated 2D shoot'em up game, combining RPG, girl collection and idle, typical of a C-like military anthropomorphic game. As a Commander, the player needs to recruit Miligirls around the world to form a powerful army to fight against the evil villain - the Thunder Army.
The five types of Miligirls available for recruitment are tanks, anti-tanks, aircraft, anti-aircraft and artillery, with different skills, backgrounds and personalities.
MiliGirls Fantasy is a fusion of real-time battle and side-scrolling STG gameplay. Players control the direction of the Miligirls in battles, or they can choose the auto-battle mode, which allows the Miligirls to battle and release their skills automatically. Before starting the battle, the player can adjust the team according to the battle strategy, taking into account the restraint relationship between the different types of Miligirls, and the subtle tactical arrangement can make a difference.
It is worth mentioning that both Scarlet Fate and MiliGirls Fantasy feature a casual, hung-up element. Even when players are offline, the characters will continue to fight and accumulate items and experience, players can even build wealth and raise characters while they sleep, making for an easy and fulfilling gaming experience.
To celebrate the launch of Scarlet Fate and MiliGirls Fantasy, Game Hollywood has been offering an exclusive campaign page with a large number of platformer gift codes for players to use, which has been very well received.

More detail
Scarlet Fate official website: https://www.scarletfate.com/
Scarlet Fate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScarletFateKOF2
MiliGirls Fantasy official website: https://www.miligirlsfantasy.com/
MiliGirls Fantasy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiliGirlsFantasy

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