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KEEP GOING! Game Hollywood 2022 Annual Party
Release time: 2022-01-21
On January 21st, 2022, Game Hollywood’s annual party was held in Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel to celebrate the New Lunar Year. The theme of this year’s party is to KEEP GOING. No matter how difficult this year has been for the world, we should look for a bright future.

The Future is Now

Before the party, a short video was played to review the achievements of 2021. During the party, Game Hollywood's CEO Lu Yuanfeng, CTO Huang Deqiang and COO Huang Guozhan made speeches to summarize the company's achievements in 2021 and presenting what to look forward to regarding the company's development in 2022. In 2021, Game Hollywood overcame many difficulties. In 2022, Game Hollywood will keep going!

Since the establishment in 2010, Game Hollywood has been adhering to the concept of "games can change the world". In 2021, Game Hollywood expanded their portfolio with more platforms, developers, partners and incredible games. The theme of 2022 shows Game Hollywood’s determination to keep improving in the future. In 2022, Game Hollywood will keep pushing forward and explore new ways for the development of Internet enterprises.

Awards Ceremony

For Game Hollywood, the company's success is inseparable from the efforts of their employees. Rewards were distributed for outstanding departments and excellent employees. The CEO Prize goes to the Business Development Department. Under their efforts, Game Hollywood has now more games than ever to share with the world.

Highlights Review

The game company’s annual party is also a great excuse to have fun! An Augmented Reality set was built to take interesting photos and try what new technologies brings us.

In the annual party, a competition is indispensable. All employees were divided into four teams and had a fun and interesting competition where they to overcome different challenges.

Some of this year’s rewards included Nintendo Switch consoles, Xiaomi Phones, HUAWEI Pads and 2022¥gift cards.

Bright Future

Amazing speeches, delicious food, wonderful performances, exciting games and great rewards. Another unforgettable annual party is over, but Game Hollywood will never stop keep going on.

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