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Game Hollywood Games Launched!
Release time: 2021-11-30

Recently, Game Hollywood has announced an official launch of the Game Hollywood Games platform, which contains classic, popular games, such as Dragon Awaken, Eternal Fury, The Third Age, Survivor Legacy, etc. and casual games, such as Scarlet Fate and so on. In the future, more incredible games will be available on Game Hollywood Games.

On the Game Hollywood Games platform, you can play all games with only one account. In order to provide a better game experience for players, Game Hollywood Games plans to launch more high-quality and fun titles, including Simulations, Puzzles, Adventures and other types in the future. Only one account can access all games!

Game Hollywood Games will continue to improve its functions, such as game information, platform points, gift codes, etc. At the same time, Game Hollywood Games will focus on players’ preferences and try to not only satisfy their entertainment needs, but also improve users’ experience and enhance their sense of community belonging. What’s more, Game Hollywood Games will work hard to build up its own brand.

To celebrate the launch of the Game Hollywood Games, Game Hollywood prepared many rewards for our users. Register and log in to get the rewards. Don’t miss it!

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