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A Fantastic Adventure Starts! - A New Idling Game - World of Rune is Now Available on Game Hollywood
Release time: 2022-07-01

Game Hollywood has announced the official launch for World of Rune, an MMORPG game with tons of different characters and mystical cute pets that you can play free in your browser, on July 1st, 2022. Start your adventure in this amazing fantasy world on the Game Hollywood official website.


Immerse yourself in this fantastic world with relatable characters and amazing card designs! Hundreds of interesting pets and partners will accompany you in the battle so you never feel lonely in your adventures. Moreover, with four playable classes and a wide range of skills you can create exactly the hero you want to become. Prepare for battle and explore the secrets of this wonderful world!


Key Features:


Four Playable Classes with Unique Abilities

You start out as a novice class character, and later you can choose a class. You can play as a Swordsman, Mage, Archer and Cleric.

Make your character your own  become a unique adventurer in World of Rune.