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Never forget where we started and how far we have come. Game Hollywood keeps going in 2022
Release time: 2023-01-29

Over the past three years, in the face of the COVID-19, the nation has blown the horn to defeat the pandemic. As the pandemic continues, the development of all industries has been affected and the game industry is no exception. For game companies, it is very important to do a good job in preventing the epidemic and continue to develop their business. Companies should not only respond to the anti-epidemic policy to arrange employees to work online and keep the progress of game development, operation and distribution, but also pay attention to the health of employees and material supplies to provide assistance and security.

As a socially responsible enterprise, Game Hollywood has been actively responding to and supporting the epidemic prevention and control policies and calls initiated by the government, helping the front line of the battle against the epidemic in various forms, fully demonstrating the strong social responsibility and conveying the positive energy of cohesion and overcoming difficulties together.

In March 2022, despite many difficulties, Game Hollywood launched a number of popular games. With the outstanding contribution to the epidemic prevention and control, as well as a good social influence, Game Hollywood won the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Dedication Award 2021".

Game Hollywood never forgets to take responsibility with love and give back to society with gratitude. In March 2022, we won the "Enterprising Spirit Award 2021" and "Public Welfare Award 2021". By integrating social responsibility into enterprise culture and enhancing it in public welfare activities. We used it to transform the positive energy inspired by social welfare into the driving force and creativity of enterprise development, and promote the sustainable development of the company as well as society.

In the future, Game Hollywood will keep on participating in public welfare activities, making contributions to society, showing more positive energy and bringing together a good example for society.

In October 2022, Game Hollywood was elected as the 2nd Vice President Unit of Guangzhou Games Industry Association, which is not only the recognition of our enterprise culture, strength and comprehensive competitiveness, but also the affirmation of Game Hollywood as the industry's innovative role model with social responsibility in the past two years.

In October 2022, Gamehollywood implemented the concept of technology-driven industrial upgrading, actively responded to the national call and actively cooperated with the special action of pairing assistance. For this, it was awarded the "Active Participation Unit of Promotion of Rural Vitalization" by Guangzhou Haizhu District Pairing Assistance Support Group.

In the future, Gamehollywood will organize its own industrial advantages, focus on industry and talent assistance, provide assistance for the comprehensive promotion of rural vitalization, and make contributions to rural construction and hometown development.

2022 has passed, and all the difficulties and pains encountered by the game industry in 2022 have also passed. With the joy of the New Year, let's look forward to 2023 together!

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