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Hai Zhu District Party Group Leader and GHW Employees' Children Celebrate Children's Day Together
Release time: 2023-07-14

In China, Children's Day means a lot more than receiving gifts. It’s a whole celebration of families and communities. For this reason, on June 1st, Wen Zhiwen, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Group of the CPPCC of Haizhu District in Guangdong Province, and other members of the party group came to Game Hollywood and accompanied the children of the Game Hollywood employees’ to spend a fin Children's Day full of suprises. During the visit, Wen Zhiwen expressed his support for the corporate culture and the people-centered policies of Game Hollywood.

Lu Yuanfeng, the Chairman of Game Hollywood, warmly welcomed Wen Zhiwen and the other members of the Party Group, expressing appreciation for their ongoing support for the company.

Before the start of the Children's Day activities, Lu Yuanfeng gave a very detailed speech introducing the company's development history and its employees the guests. There is a wall in the company dedicated to displaying photos of each employee's accomplishments in life and work. At Game Hollywood, everyone is closely connected and we feel like part of a big family. These are not only our colleagues, but also friends – and we hope this precious relationship can also be passed on to the younger generations at Game Hollywood.

As the Children's Day activities kicked off, the day entered its most exciting part. The office was soon filled with children running and cheering.

Parent-child games, mobile phone case DIY workshops… a fun day full of activities to entrain the little ones and show them what is like to work at a videogame company. The kids communicated with each other, made friends, shared their ideas and enjoyed their creations.

In addition to the gifts from the Party Group, all the kids that attended the activities received gifts from Game Hollywood as well! Toys, stationery, books, puzzles, snacks.

The day full of activities passed in the blink of an eye! The children said goodbye reluctantly and promised to come back next year – which is also a driving force for the development of Game Hollywood. With the care and support of the Hai Zhu District Committee, People's Congress, Government, and Political Consultative Conference, Game Hollywood will work harder to improve its economic efficiency and continue its public welfare undertakings.

Children, see you next year!

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