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Game Hollywood's 13th Anniversary Outdoor Team Building
Release time: 2023-07-14

On June 9, 2023, despite the scorching summer heat, the enthusiasm of all Game Hollywood employees was hotter than the weather, because it was the day when Game Hollywood celebrated its 13th anniversary since its establishment and all employees gathered for an outdoor team building activity!

For Game Hollywood, the theme of its work in 2023 is "Into the Future." In the thirteen years since its establishment, the company has had its ups and downs, but everything is now in the past! Therefore, during this anniversary celebration, Lu Yuanfeng, CEO of Game Hollywood, gave a speech, focusing on the company's future development plans. The employees vitality and enthusiasm in that day will also be brought to their future work!

The first activity of the team building was a warm-up exercise led by a coach. Most employees usually sit in front of their desks and rarely exercise, so an adequate warm-up could prevent them from getting injured in the subsequent activities. This helped start to heat up the atmosphere.

The next activity was a pillow fight. All employees were divided into four teams, and the rule was that the team with the least number of pillows in their area at the end of the activity would win. With the sound of the starting signal, colorful pillows flew in the sky immediately! Each team member was busy throwing pillows to other teams with all their strength. As the pillows flew out of their hands, the pressure of work was released, leaving only excitement and laughter. In the end, the third team led by Ms. Luo Simin won!

Later there came an art creation competition. Some people rested leisurely in the camp because they were exhausted from the pillow fight, while others enthusiastically used the materials around them - cardboard, stones, and grass - to create their own image of Game Hollywood in their minds. The Marketing Dept. took today's team building as the theme, recreating a leisurely and relaxed outing day; the Operations Dept. took the development of Game Hollywood from its inception to the present as the theme, implying that Game Hollywood will continue to move forward; and the Finance Dept. once again responded to Game Hollywood's 2023 theme "Into the Future," constructing a blueprint for the future where every Game Hollywood employee will have a more convenient and better life. Regardless of the theme and design, it represents every Game Hollywood employee's beautiful vision for the company and its goal of moving forward.

As the sun went down, it was time for dinner. Everyone worked together: some were responsible for starting the fire and fanning it, some were responsible for brushing oil, some were responsible for placing tempting ingredients on the grill and brushing them with delicious seasonings... Soon, everyone enjoyed the juicy pork belly, plump chicken wings, fragrant grilled corn, and ice-cold beer - there was nothing better than this!

The bonfire party was the last climax of this anniversary celebration. After the fireworks were set off, everyone held hands and sang and danced around the bonfire. Mr. Lu Yuanfeng even held a torch and circled the area, passing on the warm and lucky feelings to everyone.

As the activity drew to a close, everyone was still basking in the joyous atmosphere of the celebration and was reluctant to leave. However, there will be more opportunities like this in the future, so everyone can look forward to making more wonderful memories together! This year's annual team-building activity has successfully strengthened the team's cohesion, and all the Game Hollywood employees are committed to continuing their efforts to create better games and products. With everyone's joint efforts, Game Hollywood will continue to grow and thrive!

The future is bright, and Game Hollywood is ready to take on any challenge!

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