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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Wonderful Activity in Game Hollywood
Release time: 2023-11-01

With the autumn moon shining brightly and the fragrance of osmanthus blossoms, the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2023 arrived in the midst of much anticipation. In order to express our blessings to our colleagues, Game Hollywood prepared a box of mooncakes as the Mid-Autumn Festival gift for every colleague on September 20, thus wishing them a happy festival and family reunion in advance.

To celebrate this wonderful festival, Game Hollywood also organized a lantern DIY contest. The HR department prepared all kinds of materials and tools for the participants and explained the steps of making lanterns in detail.

In the process of making the lanterns, everyone demonstrated their creativity and high level of craftsmanship. Some made a goldfish lantern, while others made a dragon lantern. While focusing on their own production, they also helped each other, which was a great joy!

After the lanterns were finished, they drew pictures on the lanterns and wrote down their Mid-Autumn Festival wishes for each other and the company. They hang their work on both sides of the company steps, which has become a bright scenery in the company.

Since it was a competition, of course the scoring process was indispensable. The HR department uploaded all the works to the company's internal network for colleagues to vote anonymously. To get more votes - after all, who didn’t want the limited chest that included tempting mooncakes and pleasant aromatherapy - each contestant also tried his/her best to canvass votes for his/her work, making the whole event more interesting!

Small lanterns, deep blessings. In the future, Game Hollywood will continue to hold more meaningful activities to provide colleagues with more fun and opportunities to showcase their talents and with more enjoyable moments at work.

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