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League of Angels: Pact Mobile Heats Up HUAWEI App Gallery with a Grand Entrance
Release time: 2023-11-13

After two months of meticulous preparation, the highly anticipated mobile game, League of Angels: Pact Mobile, by Game Hollywood has officially landed on HUAWEI App Gallery on September 14, following its initial release in July 2023. Huawei users can now download and immerse themselves in this classic game featuring various Angels and experiencing its distinctive and rich gameplay directly from their app store.

Since its debut, League of Angels: Pact Mobile has captured the attention of global players with its stunning visuals, innovative gameplay and immersive storyline. The mobile version seamlessly respects the classic setting of the League of Angels franchise, combining new elements of role-playing, strategic combat and a compelling narrative to immerse the players in this fantasy world.

HUAWEI App Gallery, Huawei's official app store, offers a diverse array of choices for Huawei users worldwide, facilitating the download and exploration of apps and games. League of Angels: Pact Mobile, is not only officially available on Google Play, Apple Store, and HUAWEI App Gallery but also introduces a new Android APK download option, streamlining the download and installation process for Android users. Players across the globe can now fully enjoy the game.

To commemorate the full-scale launch of League of Angels: Pact Mobile, Game Hollywood has prepared a series promotional events, offering players in-game rewards and surprises.

The widespread availability of download for League of Angels: Pact Mobile across all major app stores represents a significant milestone for Game Hollywood. No mater your preferred device, players can now download and install the game through their respective app stores. It marks a new beginning for Game Hollywood's continual commitment to global game publishing, promising a forthcoming array of thrilling game titles for players worldwide.

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