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Eternal Fury 3 Sparks a Craze: Google Play Recommended, a Classic Experience Update
Release time: 2023-11-13

In 2023, Game Hollywood officially launched the mobile version of Eternal Fury 3, a highly anticipated turn-based RPG mobile game. It is a continuation of the classic RPG web game series Eternal Fury, which made its debut on November 27, 2018. This mobile title boasts substantial enhancements in both online gameplay and audio-visual richness compared to its H5 web game predecessor from four years ago. Notably, it successfully navigates the challenge of transitioning from web to mobile introducing a fresh gameplay, positive surprises and new experiences.

In May, the web version of Eternal Fury celebrated its fourth anniversary, attracting new and old players. Later in the month, the mobile version of Eternal Fury 3 started its pre-launch testing, and as a token of appreciation for the widespread player support, the platform distributed official in-game items.

Following the 10,000 plus pre-registrations on Google Play, Eternal Fury 3 secured a coveted spot on the official mobile game recommendation list, sparking curiosity on social media. Beyond restoring the classic gameplay of the web version, the mobile adaptation marks a fresh starting point with version 4.0, guiding players into a rejuvenated turn-based RPG world teeming with excitement and adventures.

Within this fantasy world, players can immerse themselves in epic battles, confronting a continuous flow of main and side quests. The game offers a diverse array of classic classes, including Knight, Archer, and Mage. And you can also customize and enhance the heroes to face different challenges.

After several closed beta tests, the mobile version of Eternal Fury 3 officially launched on Google Play on September 15, delivering a spectacular and immersive battle experience for players. The mobile version offers more diverse multiplayer interaction options than what we are accustomed to see, allowing players to collaborate with friends in all kinds of systems and battles. With language support in English, German, French, Portuguese, and Polish, the game's future plans include accommodating additional languages to ensure an even more diverse and inclusive gaming community.

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