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Game Hollywood's Christmas Treasure Hunt Made a Big Impression
Release time: 2024-01-18

On December 25, 2023, the Christmas excitement could be felt all around the world, and Game Hollywood was no exception. Early in the morning, Santa and the reindeers came to the office filled with gifts, ready to surprise those who had been nice with a treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt required luck and the use of everyone’s wits. Inside flower pots, between books on the bookshelves, under tables and computers… the members of the company found Chippy cards each one labeled with a different number. Each number corresponded to a different gift, some were delicious, practical, or a funny surprise. The promise of a gift started the treasure hunt early on, even before breakfast!

All the lucky ones who had found a Chippy card could redeem them at 3:00 p.m. After redeeming all the gifts, everyone shared their findings with excitement alongside Christmas carols and with the stellar appearance of Santa and one of his reindeer.

The reindeer was especially mischievous this year, occasionally receiving a scolding from Santa and making the office to laugh. But everyone was happy to play along with the magical guests and to participate in guessing games and gift exchanges.

When all the prizes were found and redeemed, the participants found themselves with their hands full of delicious cookies, furry blankets, thermos cups and red packets! What a great way to celebrate the season.

After receiving their prizes, everyone lined up to take a picture with Santa and the reindeer. The warmth of celebrating special events, surrounded by friends and family is an exceptional experience for all of us, specially during the Christmas season.

The 2023 Christmas Treasure Hunt ended with laughter and excitement. The great success of the event was thanks to the thoughtful preparation by the administration department and the enthusiastic participation of everyone in the office. This unforgettable Christmas event reflected Game Hollywood's care and attention toward creating a community. The strength brought this season by our friendship brings us confidence to face any challenges 2024 might bring us and to keep creating success stories in Game Hollywood!

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