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Game Hollywood Kicks off the Year of the Dragon with a Lion Dance
Release time: 2024-03-07

On February 18, 2024, the ninth day of the first lunar month, Game Hollywood held a grand ceremony. As in previous years, Game Hollywood invited a Lion Dance team to boost the morale. CEO Mr. Lu Yuanfeng dotted the lion’s eyes personally and wished the company good luck and prosperous business in the new year. Amid the sound of gongs and drums, a lion climbed up a tall pole and danced in the air, its dance meaning that Game Hollywood will move forward and achieve greater success in the new year.

After the dance, the Lion Dance team also followed the employees into the office, bringing good luck and joy to every corner of the company. Many people couldnt help but reach out and touch them --- this opportunity only comes once a year!

2024 will bring new challenges, but Game Hollywood has never forgotten that there are more important things besides business.

Game Hollywood is a socially responsible company. It is Game Hollywood's responsibility to care for the community. This year Game Hollywood has participated in charity activities during the 2024 Traditional New Year Flower Market.

This charity sale was organized by the Haizhu District Civil Affairs Bureau. During the event, Game Hollywood raised funds by selling merchandise including key chains, glasses, pillows and building block models of the companys mascot Chippy, attracting many citizens to participate in the event.

To welcome employees back to work after the Lunar New Year celebration, Game Hollywood held a luncheon at local and loved Guangzhou Restaurant, to gather all the employees and share delicious food together. The CEO Mr. Lu Yuanfeng delivered a bright speech and toasted with everyone, wishing everyone good health and success in their careers in the new year.

After returning to the company, Mr. Lu Yuanfeng also presented Red Packets to each employee. In southern Guangdong, it is a tradition to present others with Red Packets to wish good luck and success. In 2024, Game Hollywood will continue to innovate with enthusiasm and will launch more high-quality games for more players around the world!

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