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Charity News | Game Hollywood: Integrating Charity into Corporate Culture [Reprint]
Release time: 2024-03-07

Source: Haizhu District Charity Association

The 2024 Nanhua West Cultural and Art Season Event, jointly organized by the Nanhua West Sub-district office and several other departments, was recently held in the area from Huan Dao Road to Zhoutouzu Park.

By distributing commemorative gifts and conducting charity sales at the stalls, they attracted citizens to learn about charity projects in the Haizhu District and encouraged citizens to participate. The proceeds from the charity sales go to the Baijia Daji Charity Fund, which is managed by the Haizhu District Charity Association to help more people in need.

"Charity is not only a moral act but also an important part of our corporate culture. We hope we can provide people in need with actual support through our efforts," said Lu Yuanfeng, the charity partner of the Haizhu District Charity Association and the CEO of Game Hollywood. The company received an invitation to the event and participated in the charity efforts, considering helping those in need a responsibility and obligation as a member of the association.

Earlier this year, Game Hollywood had already participated in the Haizhu District Charity Flower Market by donating goods and providing volunteer services, contributing with nearly ten thousand yuan.

With the success of the first experience, Game Hollywood was confident it would achieve even better results in the 2024 Nanhua West Cultural and Art Season Event. "This time, we were better prepared, offering a wider range of merchandise such as T-shirts, pillows, eco-friendly bags, and figurines for customers," explained the Game Hollywood staff. It was reported that this event ran from March 1st to March 3rd, and Game Hollywood's stall was located inside the Haitian Siwang Square.

"As one of the charity partners of the Haizhu District, we will continue to pay attention to the development of charity projects and contribute with our efforts to promoting charity in this area. This is only the first step of a long term collaboration. We also hope more enterprises will join us to bring the project to the next level," added Lu Yuanfeng.

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