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Game Hollywood celebrates a spectacular Lantern Festival!
Release time: 2024-03-26

On February 23, 2024, Game Hollywood held a wonderful Lantern Festival event in the multimedia room of the company. This event encapsulated the soul of the traditional festivity with a modern twist, thanks to the participation of all the colleagues in the office.

Three booths were arranged, each one managed by one of the owners of the company. Everybody gathered expectantly in front of different booths to participate in games and shenanigans. The goal was to collect as many stamps as possible to exchange them later for surprise red packets filled with goodies.

Among the games at the booths, the most popular ones were the Dice King Competition and the Points Competition. In the Dice King Competition, the participants and the booth owner each held three dies and rolled them to compare the point total. In the point competition, you could test your luck against the booth manager’s – every victory was meet with cheers and laughter.

As the event went on, the red packets on the wall were finally collected, and all colleagues returned to work with their hands full. This Lantern Festival event not only showed the charm of traditional festivals to our employees, but also enhanced the relationship between employees and the company with fun games.

The laughter and joy of the Lantern Festival still seems to be echoing in our ears. In the New Year, Game Hollywood will face many new challenges. Let us approach them together and we’ll be unstoppable!

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