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Digital Hollywood Attended the Guangzhou Service Trade Industry Development Seminar
Release time: 2019-08-02

Guangzhou, 4th July, 2019 - Sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau and organized by the Guangzhou Association of Service Trade and Outsourcing (GZST), the "Guangzhou Service Trade Industry Development Seminar" has been a success. Lin Guoqiang, deputy director of Guangzhou Commerce Bureau, Chu Xiaohua, director of Service and Trade Department, and 7 senior representatives of cultural trade enterprises which including Digital Hollywood, Bluearc, 37Games and more attended the seminar this July.

During the seminar, the representatives of the enterprises talked about how Guangzhou has given great support to service trade and outsourcing business, which provides great incentives and policy supports for the development of the cultural trade. At the same time, the representatives mentioned that the industry is still facing challenges like the increasing cost of developing an international market, investment and financing difficulty, and inadequate legal protection of intellectual property rights. Director Chu Xiaohua responded the aforesaid questions on the spot, and said the next step will introduce more conducive policies of enterprise management to create a good business environment and continue to encourage and support these enterprises in Guangzhou.

Deputy director Lin Guoqiang stressed that Guangzhou municipal government is committed to comprehensively strengthening the functions of the international business center, hoping that cultural trade enterprises have full capabilities to play to cultural and creative industrial advantages, and actively explore and innovate. Through the combination of traditional industries and new media, 5G technology and VR experience stores and other new development modes, the integrated development of culture and commerce will be constantly updated and the international popularity and influence of Guangzhou's cultural and creative industry will be strengthened.

GZST will continue to become a bridge between the industry and the municipal government, assuring a smooth coordination and cooperation.

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