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A Wonderful Experience: 2019 Gamescom
Release time: 2019-09-20

Gamescom is not only a grand meeting of millions of players, but also the biggest comprehensive and interactive exhibition of game software, information software and hardware devices. About 373,000 people visited 2019 Gamescom, breaking the prior year's record. As a game company that focus on the overseas markets, Gamehollywood met many long-time partners and communicated with exhibitors about their new technology and products.

Azerion is one of the largest game publishers and distributors on the world. We shared many ideas about how to connect developers and Game Distribution.


Also, we met with Viacom which is the third-largest media company in America. Viacom’s Paramount Pictures produced many famous films, such as Mission Impossible, Transformers, Titanic etc.


We had a very interesting meeting with BOACOMPRA because we have always been concerned with payment channels on international platforms and regions. In this meeting we discussed the Latin American market and their over 140 payment methods as well as major countries and possibilities in Southern Europe.


GameBCN is a non-profit video game organization subsidized by the Spanish government. At the exhibition, GameBCN provided insights about the video game industry and videogame development. Thanks to this, us and many developers learnt a bit more about the subject.


During the visit of Flying Sheep Studios, the German developer of H5 games, we had a discussion about the commercial operation of H5.


European Games Group, a facilitator of game publishers, has lots of experience in technological innovation and attracting players. It makes sure that each game can get the attention it deserves.


 Gamescom has become one of the most important meeting points for the game industry on the European continent. Gamehollywood as one of the first companies to go abroad to develop, we not only hope to provide a high-quality experience of entertainment to overseas players, but also want to contribute more on Chinese cultural exportation.


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