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Game Hollywood at Gamescom 2021
Release time: 2021-11-03

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Gamescom, the world's largest gaming event, was held virtually again this year. It is a showcase for excellent developers and big titles, and a stage for indie game developers to make their voices heard.

Game Hollywood, an established publisher from China, brought their new titles Stallion Race, a professional horse racing game, and Robot Tactics X, inviting global peers to participate in the first closed beta of the new title.

At the same time, Game Hollywood joined hands with 11 game organizations, media, and indie developers from all over the world to conduct several salons with the theme "Indies under Lockdown—Publishing Worldwide" in the following days.

Under the impact of COVID-19, although the "Otaku Economy" has emerged, the user preference difference and the established leading products have led to the elimination of many small indie content providers from the market. For them, this is a crisis and also an opportunity.

GameBCN is a Barcelona-based game incubator and a friendly partner of Game Hollywood. Its founder Oscar shared his founding philosophy, mentioning that the GameBCN incubator is oriented to the game industry, with the main aim of promoting the professionalization of small studios, accelerating their development in a global perspective, and developing more games with clear market potential. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen the final strength of the local industry. The incubator does not only provide financial support to indie developers but also can see the potentials of a product, providing advice and publishing resources to game developers.

Spanish indie developers Eugene Konash and Rita Fortuny, winners of various game awards, mentioned the key role of gamers and game experts in game development, knowing that user experience and advice are very important.

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