What is an APK?

APK is an installation file used on Android devices.
We promise that our APKs are virus-free and wont damage your smartphone!

How to install an APK?

1. Download the .APK file.
2. Run the downloaded APK on your phone. You do it via the popup window after the download, or from the directory where the file is stored.
3. The system may request permission to install from unknown sources. This can be granted in the phone settings. The installation will start automatically and will take some time.
4. Register and start playing!

APK Exclusive Benefits

Install our APK and enjoy the GHG CLUB benefits, and most importantly, download and enjoy an exclusive $50 worth of rewards and up to 15% discounts on recharges!

Synchronize Your Game Progress

To synchronize your game data from Google Play or App Store to our app, you need to bind a Game Hollywood account in the game first, and when playing the game via our app, simply log in with the Game Hollywood account to continue your game progress.